On Celebrity Fights: Taylor Swift, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried

Besides interesting fashion, awards season gave us contrived and flat out fake celebrity fights. And, of course, women on women fights were most popular.

Ugh! Why won’t Amanda & Anne just fight? It’s what the media wants. ::eyeroll:: tinyurl.com/auc5jz9

— Brittany R (@BrittanyR30) March 6, 2013

Let’s start with the contrived fight between Taylor Swift, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. During the Golden Globes, Tina and Amy made comic gold, including a little joke at serial dater/ex trasher Taylor’s expense. Taylor’s not happy about this as we learned this week in a preview of Vanity Fair’s cover story on Swift.

“You know, Katie Couric is one of my favorite people,” Taylor Swift tells Vanity Fair contributing editor Nancy Jo Sales on the subject of mean girls in general and in response to an incident at this year’s Golden Globes, where Amy Poehler and Tina Fey mocked her highly scrutinized love life. “Because she said to me she had heard a quote that she loved, that said, ‘There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.’”

Who does she really think she’s kidding? She wasn’t slut shamed (as some have tried to suggest). She was the butt of a very mild joke. And I know a joke is no longer funny when it has to be explained, but for Taylor’s benefit (and those who side with her), here’s an explanation: Taylor openly trashes and mocks her exes in her songs. She’s made millions off of it, and despite a backlash from people, she still continues to do it. Tina and Amy were just pointing out that no one wants her to date, dump and publicly trash the adorable son of one of America’s most loved actors. Taylor’s serial dating (and whether she is or isn’t a virgin) wasn’t the butt of the joke. Her twee, innocent behavior after trashing her exes publicly is.

I have one question for Taylor: if she’s so concerned about being publicly humiliated, she might want to reconsider things like her Grammy opening performance in which she mocked British ex Harry Styles (or Hair One Direction as I usually remember him). She can’t really expect something that she isn’t providing other people.

(Read a great rebuttal to the Vanity Fair article on the Washington Post blog here.)

Well, I could talk about this more, but let’s move on. Apparently Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfreid don’t know they’re supposed to hate each other, as evidenced by this tweet from Amanda:

I mean, come on, Amanda. Anne allegedly threw a fit when she learned that you, her “friend,” and Les Mis costar planned to wear a dress similar to hers at the Oscars. (Please note that this is complete sarcasm.)

The media really wants these two to hate each other. I think it’s so that they have another reason to add to the growing list of arbitrary things to hate Anne for.

Anne has swept up awards left and right for what I’m given to believe was a stirring performance as Fantine in Les Mis (I hate that I haven’t seen this yet. Like, seriously, HATE!), and has weathered a firestorm of media coverage about the general dislike or flat out hatred America feels for her.

I’m seriously grossed out by the amount of traction these stories have gained. What bothers me most about this coverage is the critique of her face and how it offends people. Her face is undoubtedly one of the least offensive faces I’ve ever seen. TRUTH. I’m even further sickened by the fact that people can consider a successful, wonderfully involved woman and tear her apart based on looks. She’s been attacked for her hair, which was chopped for her Les Mis performance, because it apparently doesn’t suit her face. And her alarmingly doe-like eyes, which I consider one of her most strikingly beautiful features, don’t get people started with that.

What do you think about the recent celebrity “fights” and the Anne Hathaway hate?

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It’s Monday! What I’m Reading!

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?
is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey.
Check out my previous Monday reading posts here.

My week will begin with a little of this (or, rather, a lot because I’ll be in the car for 10 hours today)

Then, I’ll finally finish


While enjoyable, informative and inspiring, I’ve been reading this book so slowly that the lending period expired. Assuming that I’m able to check it out, I will definitely finish it this week.

What are you reading this week? Are you like every other person in America who’s already read the entire Hunger Games trilogy?

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Great Grammy Looks

Did you watch the Grammy awards show last night? Unlike other awards shows (Oscars & Golden Globes, I’m looking at you!), I actually watched the entire Grammy show. Of course, it helps that a large portion of the “boring” awards are handed out/announced before the show and it ends up being a concert with a great variety of artists, but let’s not get into that!

Last night was such an interesting night for fashion. Grammy wardrobes are usually more daring but thanks to the poorly timed e-mail from CBS, attendees were requested to tone it down! For lack of a better term, the memo’s reference to covering up “female breasts” gives me douche chills. And on to the poor timing of the announcement. How many attendees waited until the week of the event to pick their outfit? Because of that, I really don’t have any thoughts on poorly dressed people. It seems a little unfair to judge when I don’t know if what they actually wore was what they had planned out.

So that means I’ll just move along to the good looks.

Trudy Stylar & stingThese two look really good together. Most men couldn’t pull off wearing
a scarf 
like that and still look cool, but Sting can!

Allison Williams & RihannaBoth Allison Williams and Rihanna look elegant.

John Legend, Solange Knowles & John MartinMen on the Grammy red carpet just look so much better than men
on the other red carpets.Those musical men know how to dress!
And Solange Knowles just looks fantastic!
The colors, the cut and the hair are great!

Maroon 5

Yes, all of Maroon 5 are on my best-dressed list!
They look so great and cohesive without being too matched.

So, who was on your best-dressed list? What did you think of the wardrobe memo?

SAG Awards’ Fashion Winners Among a Sea of Bad Looks

The SAG Awards were last night. I easily found a great red carpet slideshow at Gossip Cop, but it really wasn’t so easy to find some looks I like. I know it’s January, and I admire that a lot of the women didn’t rush out to tanning beds to get a nice glow. However, that doesn’t excuse too dark lipstick and fabric colors that made their porcelain skin look a little more pukish.

Sheer florals were still big on the red carpet. Some looked better than others. A couple women decided to wear ankle length dresses. The result was more stumpy than classic. The other thing I really noticed were improperly fitted dresses. Some busts were squeezed while others’ stomachs were squeezed. I think a few tailors might have lost clients after these dresses.

Well, that’s enough for criticism; here are my favorites from the night:

Rocsi&Zuleikha Rose&Ellie Amanda&Jenna

More detailed images can be found at Gossip Cop.

Do you like my best dressed? What did you think of the dresses?


Golden Globes Fashion!

I really love these posts! They are so easy; yet, the topic is something that does have a large impact on the United States (whether we like it or not). Fashion is, was and will always be important at least in it’s ability to somewhat reflect the current state of our culture.

Before I actually get to my favorites, I wanted to talk about one thing: boobs! They were everywhere. The fashion tape industry must be making bank after the Golden Globes.

So, here they are, my favorite looks from the Golden Globes:

J.Lo_Zuhair Murad

J. Lo

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

Claire Danes_Versace

Claire Danes

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba
(minus the furry pet)

Julianna Marulies

Julianna Margulies

Johnny Galecki

Johnny Galecki

Kunal Nayyar

Kunal Nayyar

Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher

What do you think of my list? Would you add or subtract anyone?

Book Review: The Year of the Gadfly

By Jennifer Miller

2009 to 2010 me would laugh heartily if they knew that 2012 to 2013 me was going to say what I’m about to say: I love Twitter. Really, I do. It’s been a great way to “meet” people, gather and spread information and, relevant to this post, chat with authors.

Back in October, I wrote about attending the Twin Cities Festival of Books and my adventure trying to run into Jennifer Miller to get her to sign my book. While that was a failure, in November I tweeted:

The conversation continued a bit with a couple more tweets. Really, the point is that being able to connect with writers, actors, and other prominent people is one of my favorite aspects of Twitter. It bridges geographical divides and removes walls between people.


Miller’s book was a real treat to read. It was hard to put down. It was also really inspiring in the way that any well-written book is inspiring for someone who imagines him/herself one day finally writing a novel. She showed a mastery of language and storytelling that truly impressed me. Miller also created really strong characters. Even if we only hear from them very little, there’s the impression that we really do know about them. Their motivations, actions, thoughts, etc. were all very realistic.

Cultural Impact

I’m sure it’s possible for this book to have an impact on culture, particularly for those who are interested in anything surrounding prep school. It is full of the air of prep school pieces that came before it, whether they are movies or books. The Year of the Gadfly is a great addition to a genre with a storied past.


Jennifer Miller’s master of language makes her very quotable. My favorite quote, though, is a great example of her descriptive abilities.

The wind chill in Nye is like a pack of hornets zeroing in on your neck… (page 29)


I haven’t fully developed my new rating system yet, but I’ll just throw out a few categories for today.

Writing 4 out of 5 stars

Story 3 out of 5 stars

Character Development 4 out of 5 stars

Total 3.67 out of 5 stars

Have you read any great prep school novels lately? 

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What I’ve Watched

in which I share the fun, notable and not-so-notable things I’ve watched in the last month.

 what I’ve watched appears the first friday of the month. 

21 Jump Street

I’m not going to lie or exaggerate, I freaking loved this movie! I thought it was funny and smart. The nods to the oddities of the typical high school comedy were gold.


This was just not good.

Practical Magic

I love, love, love this movie. I’m not sure what it is, but whenever I see it on, I have to watch it.

The Campaign

Ugh, well it seems that Will Ferrel is rubbing off on Zach Galifinakis. There was a time where I found Will Ferrel’s movies hilarious, and then they just stopped being funny. I was hoping that Galifinakis would save this movie, but he just didn’t. I truly hate comedies that share all the good jokes in the previews.

Harry Potter and the Sorcer’s Stone
& Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

I just love these movies so much. Last year for Christmas, Nick got me the entire series on DVD. I’m working my way through them again.

True Blood, Seasons 3 & 4

I’ve just now realized that Season 5 is already out on DVD. I’m going to need to get that now. That’s really all I think I need to say about this.

Remember to enter my The Fault in Our Stars by John Green giveaway. Entries will close on Tuesday, December 11th at 6:00 p.m. CST. Enter by commenting on this post. 

Best Dressed: American Music Awards Red Carpet

So, if you didn’t notice, the American Music Awards were last night. Apparently I missed a Psy/M.C. Hammer duet. Oh wait! I didn’t miss it because it’s been played everywhere this morning.

As always, my favorite part of awards ceremonies is checking out the red carpet looks. While actors and actresses attend music awards ceremonies and vice versa with musicians, it’s still a different feel all together.



Taylor Swift (Zuhair Murad); Kerry Washington (Stella McCartney);
Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson


Stacy Keibler (Collette Dinnigan) & Kelly Rowland (Naeem Khan)

Did you have a favorite best dressed celebrity?

(All images via HuffingtonPost.com)

Last Night in Tweets

Well, I am back today with more from the realm of Twitter. After seeing a few Tweets that made me literally laugh out loud or nod vigourously in agreement, I knew I had to share them.

So, think of this as another Election BONUS Post.

There is some contention on Twitter about the actual origin of this statement. One person replyed to @FunnyEvil that comedian Jeffrey Ross had first said this. It doesn’t appear to be in his recent Tweets. He must have said it in a show or elsewhere. So, to whomever actually came up with this, my hat is off.

Ooops! Wrong election, but well done Josh Horowitz.

Ha! The real work is over.

Thank God!

This one requires an Amen.

I want to give big shoutouts to Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin and Claire McCaskill. Being female in politics is probably one of the most difficult places to be a woman in the United States, yet these women pushed and fought for their positions. As we watched Elizabeth Warren’s interview on the TODAY Show this morning, I explained to my Claire that it was a big moment and should be evidence that she truly can be anything she wants.

So, here’s to you and the many other women in Congress who have preceded you, the women who have supported you and the men who understand that sometimes it really does take a woman!


Election Day BONUS Post

If you haven’t already done so, please get out and vote today. It really is an important right in our country.

As a child I recall waiting outside the small, one-room schoolhouse that served as our precinct’s voting location. For some reason, just the image of my younger brother and I sitting on a blanket on the grass as our Mom went inside to vote has stood out in my mind. It’s probably impacted my desire to vote, so I made sure to bring Claire with me today. I dressed us both up in red, white and blue: she is in a navy, red and white Minnesota Twins polo dress and I in a red, blue, white and coral striped top with a blue cardigan over top. Claire sat very nicely looking at her birth of America book while I registered at the polls and then voted in the “booth.” We both proudly wore our “I Voted” stickers as we participated in Toddler Tuesday at the Mall of America. And tonight, we’ll join Nick again at the fire station that serves as our precinct’s polling place. The fire station might not be the same as a one-room school house, but she can see the fire trucks parked in the garage below the community room!

We all know that Twitter has taken over as one of the top social mediums for people across the world, which makes checking Twitter on big days like this, very interesting. Here are the best Tweets I found:

@Paul McCartney: Paul McCartney sends his support to @BarackObama

Barack Obama has support in high places. It’s too bad Sir Paul can’t vote here.

 Harry Potter @GobletOfTweets: Mitt Romney is the Muggle version of Dolores Umbridge.


 Gabe Ortiz @TUSK81: If you waited three hours in line to go see “The Avengers,” you can wait 30 minutes to vote. Do it.

Replace “The Avengers” with “Twilight” or “go see “The Avengers”” with “score big deals on black Friday” and it would still be true.

 @TomBradysEgo: Breaking: Tony Romo went to cast his ballot this morning and that got intercepted and return for a touchdown.

LOL, again!

 @BorowitzReport: My prediction: the Obamas will return to the White House and the Romneys will return to 1954.

If only, Andy, if only.

 @mindykaling: “I guess being able to vote is kind of an American humblebrag.” said the insufferable first date guy, somewhere, this evening.

I love Mindy Kaling. She gets one final LOL from me.