I’ve Got Your Oscar Fashion Right Here!

Well, unlike the pizza guy, Oscar fashion didn’t exactly deliver. (What was up with the pizza gag? It just didn’t work.)

There were others who were nicely dressed, but just weren’t best dressed material. Nice, but just not there. Kind of like Ellen’s performance.

OK. You’ve probably read enough recaps of the show as a whole and fashion in particular. So, let’s make this brief. These lovely ladies and Brad Pitt looked great last night.

Jenna Dewan Tatum: Oscars 2014 Best Dressed List | The 1000th Voice

Jenna Dewan-Tatum did look like a fairy & I liked it!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: 2014 Oscar's Best Dressed List | The 1000th Voice

Angelina Jolie sparkled while breaking her own fashion mold.

Isla Fisher: 2014 Oscar's Best Dressed

Isla Fisher looked elegant at Vanity Fair’s after party.

Anna Kendrick: 2014 Oscar's Best Dressed List | The 1000th Voice Blog

Not a fan of her Oscar dress, but Anna Kendrick’s
Vanity Fair’s after party dress was hot.

Who did you think was best dressed?

Lovely Looks at the SAG Awards

I’m pleased to say that it looks like most people picked it up a little and dressed much better at the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards than they have previously at the Golden Globes. Lupita Nyong'o | SAG Awards Best Dressed | The 1000th Voice Blog

Lupita Nyong’o in Gucci

Elisabeth Moss | SAG Awards Best Dressed | The 1000th Voice Blog

Elisabeth Moss in Michael Kors

Matthew McConaughey | SAG Awards Best Dressed | The 1000th Voice Blog

Matthew McConaughey in Dolce & Gabbana

Mindy Kaling | SAG Awards Best Dressed | The 1000th Voice Blog

Mindy Kaling in David Meister

Hannah Simone | SAG Awards Best Dressed | The 1000th Voice

Hannah Simone in Marchesa

Who did you think was best dressed?

Golden Fashion at the Academy Awards

Did you know the Academy Awards were last night? I did, but I still ended up watching The Emperor’s New Groove. Listen, there was no way I was going to keep the little one entertained when I’m barely holding on watching that stuff. (Remember? Dry, boring, and haven’t seen the movies yet.)

I’m sad I missed Jennifer Lawrence being her loveable self. Seriously, I can’t get enough of her lately, and I don’t think I’m the only one. There must be about half a million gifs of her last night, AND they aren’t all of her falling down. Love her!

And, I’d also like to point out the gif showing Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper rushing forward to help her up when she fell. I always think you can tell a lot about a person’s character by the immediate reaction to someone in need.

Seriously! So handsome and gallant! But J.Law picked herself up and even seemed to laugh at herself. I think we could be BFFs. I need that to happen (like now). (Gifs via)

To make up for not watching the show or the Red Carpet last night, I checked out the HuffPo Style page to see as many of the looks as possible. Of course, there were a handful of disappointments, but overall, I thought this was the best showing so far this awards season.

Eddie Remayne_Alexander McQueen Jennifer Lawrence_Dior Amy Adams Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan Tatum Olvia Munn_Marchesa Kerry washington_Miu Miu Sandra Bullock_Eli Saab

What did you think of the show? How about the Red Carpet? Best Dressed? Do you love Jennifer Lawrence as much as I do?

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Inspiring Looks From the NYC Fall 2013 Fashion Week


New York City’s Fall 2013 Fashion Week wrapped up last week, and I’ve since spent at least an hour combing through the slide shows at InStyle to find my favorite looks from the runways; the looks that will hopefully inspire my shopping for the fall.

Four designers (Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren and Oscar de la Renta) really stood out to me this year. The other shows gave me a little inspiration in the way of color, fabric and texture. The Prabal Gurung show was heavy on the military infusion with military-like cuts and colors. (Olive green figured prominently in the show.) I found one outfit from Jason Wu’s show to be inspiring, but his use of crimson and black, feathers and fur had a bigger impact on me.

Jason Wu NYC Fall 2013I really liked the mix of light and heavy in this look from the black
fitted top to the white floaty skirt and down to the black peep-toe booties.

Marc by Marc Jacobs CollageThe mixed patterns in this first Marc by Marc Jacobs look are really
appealing to me. I adore the body-hugging cut of the dress on the right.

Tory BurchThe free-flowing fabrics in both of these looks are appealing
to me. In the first look, I really like the
pairing of the jacket, dress, tights and shoes.

Ralph Lauren CollageThree of Ralph Lauren’s looks really appealed to me. The French-sailor
look on the left is really cute. The cut, fabric and neckline of both
dresses are lovely, but I’m not sure how I’d work this
inspiration into my wardrobe, but I still love it!

Oscar de la Renta CollageThese Oscar de la Renta looks are great. It should be no surprise by now
that I love the mixture of fabrics ine the look on the right. 

 The bright colors are a bonus.

Did you see any inspiring looks during NY Fashion Week? Are you excited to shop for fall?

Great Grammy Looks

Did you watch the Grammy awards show last night? Unlike other awards shows (Oscars & Golden Globes, I’m looking at you!), I actually watched the entire Grammy show. Of course, it helps that a large portion of the “boring” awards are handed out/announced before the show and it ends up being a concert with a great variety of artists, but let’s not get into that!

Last night was such an interesting night for fashion. Grammy wardrobes are usually more daring but thanks to the poorly timed e-mail from CBS, attendees were requested to tone it down! For lack of a better term, the memo’s reference to covering up “female breasts” gives me douche chills. And on to the poor timing of the announcement. How many attendees waited until the week of the event to pick their outfit? Because of that, I really don’t have any thoughts on poorly dressed people. It seems a little unfair to judge when I don’t know if what they actually wore was what they had planned out.

So that means I’ll just move along to the good looks.

Trudy Stylar & stingThese two look really good together. Most men couldn’t pull off wearing
a scarf 
like that and still look cool, but Sting can!

Allison Williams & RihannaBoth Allison Williams and Rihanna look elegant.

John Legend, Solange Knowles & John MartinMen on the Grammy red carpet just look so much better than men
on the other red carpets.Those musical men know how to dress!
And Solange Knowles just looks fantastic!
The colors, the cut and the hair are great!

Maroon 5

Yes, all of Maroon 5 are on my best-dressed list!
They look so great and cohesive without being too matched.

So, who was on your best-dressed list? What did you think of the wardrobe memo?

SAG Awards’ Fashion Winners Among a Sea of Bad Looks

The SAG Awards were last night. I easily found a great red carpet slideshow at Gossip Cop, but it really wasn’t so easy to find some looks I like. I know it’s January, and I admire that a lot of the women didn’t rush out to tanning beds to get a nice glow. However, that doesn’t excuse too dark lipstick and fabric colors that made their porcelain skin look a little more pukish.

Sheer florals were still big on the red carpet. Some looked better than others. A couple women decided to wear ankle length dresses. The result was more stumpy than classic. The other thing I really noticed were improperly fitted dresses. Some busts were squeezed while others’ stomachs were squeezed. I think a few tailors might have lost clients after these dresses.

Well, that’s enough for criticism; here are my favorites from the night:

Rocsi&Zuleikha Rose&Ellie Amanda&Jenna

More detailed images can be found at Gossip Cop.

Do you like my best dressed? What did you think of the dresses?


Golden Globes Fashion!

I really love these posts! They are so easy; yet, the topic is something that does have a large impact on the United States (whether we like it or not). Fashion is, was and will always be important at least in it’s ability to somewhat reflect the current state of our culture.

Before I actually get to my favorites, I wanted to talk about one thing: boobs! They were everywhere. The fashion tape industry must be making bank after the Golden Globes.

So, here they are, my favorite looks from the Golden Globes:

J.Lo_Zuhair Murad

J. Lo

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

Claire Danes_Versace

Claire Danes

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba
(minus the furry pet)

Julianna Marulies

Julianna Margulies

Johnny Galecki

Johnny Galecki

Kunal Nayyar

Kunal Nayyar

Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher

What do you think of my list? Would you add or subtract anyone?

Best Dressed: American Music Awards Red Carpet

So, if you didn’t notice, the American Music Awards were last night. Apparently I missed a Psy/M.C. Hammer duet. Oh wait! I didn’t miss it because it’s been played everywhere this morning.

As always, my favorite part of awards ceremonies is checking out the red carpet looks. While actors and actresses attend music awards ceremonies and vice versa with musicians, it’s still a different feel all together.



Taylor Swift (Zuhair Murad); Kerry Washington (Stella McCartney);
Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson


Stacy Keibler (Collette Dinnigan) & Kelly Rowland (Naeem Khan)

Did you have a favorite best dressed celebrity?

(All images via HuffingtonPost.com)

Winning Looks at the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Ceremony

I find the Emmys more fascinating than the Oscars. Whereas, the Oscars are dry and feature movies I have yet to see (Seriously, my Black Swan the The King’s Speech DVDs are still wrapped in cellophane),  the Emmys are slightly humorous and feature shows I actually watch (or have watched prior to the airing of the awards show). Still, my favorite part is the Red Carpet.

Some notable trends appeared on the Red Carpet. It seemed like Angelina Jolie’s leg made multiple appearances on the Red Carpet this year. Everyone from Heidi Klum to Giuliana Rancic to Maria Menounos were channeling Jolie’s much-talked about Oscar pose. Both nude and colored sheer dresses were popular. Elisabeth Moss and Ariel Winter rocked some gorgeous floral frocks.

Another trend I noticed that I didn’t really like were odd criss-cross bodices. January Jones and Emily Vancamp wore it in different variations. After a few looks, I found January’s dress quite stunning and very sculptural. As an art piece, it’s amazing, but I can’t imagine it’s very comfortable to sit in.

Without further ado, here are my favorite looks:

Zachary Quinto
Archie Punjabi
Kate Mara
Elisabeth Moss
Giuliana Rancic
Aaron Paul
January Jones
Jeannie Mai

NYC Spring 2013 Fashion Picks

As fall is just starting to hit here in Minnesota, NYC was looking to Spring 2013 with top designers presenting their upcoming lines. I honestly wasn’t fully in love with any look. Maybe my mind is too firmly entrenched in fall to think about spring right now. Regardless, here are my top picks:


Rachel Zoe, via InStyle
Vera Wang, via InStyle
Rachel Roy, via InStyle
Rachel Roy, via InStyle
J. Crew, via InStyle
Tory Burch, via InStyle
Zac Posen, via InStyle
Carolina Herrera, via Instyle
DKNY, via InStyle

Global-inspired prints were huge on the runways. I’m really loving them. It seems like Spring might be an easy season for me to transition to. Did you like any other looks?