Last Night in Tweets

Well, I am back today with more from the realm of Twitter. After seeing a few Tweets that made me literally laugh out loud or nod vigourously in agreement, I knew I had to share them.

So, think of this as another Election BONUS Post.

There is some contention on Twitter about the actual origin of this statement. One person replyed to @FunnyEvil that comedian Jeffrey Ross had first said this. It doesn’t appear to be in his recent Tweets. He must have said it in a show or elsewhere. So, to whomever actually came up with this, my hat is off.

Ooops! Wrong election, but well done Josh Horowitz.

Ha! The real work is over.

Thank God!

This one requires an Amen.

I want to give big shoutouts to Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin and Claire McCaskill. Being female in politics is probably one of the most difficult places to be a woman in the United States, yet these women pushed and fought for their positions. As we watched Elizabeth Warren’s interview on the TODAY Show this morning, I explained to my Claire that it was a big moment and should be evidence that she truly can be anything she wants.

So, here’s to you and the many other women in Congress who have preceded you, the women who have supported you and the men who understand that sometimes it really does take a woman!


Interesting Reads | 11.3.2012

in which I share links to things that caught my attention

Campaign Edition

If you’re like me (and most of America), you’ll let out a deep sigh of relief when the election is over.

But it’s not over quite yet, so please enjoy this campaign edition of Interesting Reads.

Rape has been the topic du’jour for Republicans this election. The Atlantic assembled a great history of rape headlines in this election.

How binders full of women is a meme with meaning.

And, last but not least, Republicans are up in arms about Lena Dunham’s provocative pro-Obama ad.