What I’ve Watched

in which I share the fun, notable and not-so-notable things I’ve watched in the last month

Ink Master

Nick and I really like to watch this show with a mixture of horror and fascination. I, personally, love watching the tattooists at work but the horror comes in as I watch a human canvas receive a horrible tattoo for the sake of the contestants chances in the show.

True Blood, Seasons 1 & 2

This show is so addictive and sexy. One of the advantages and disadvantages of watching an entire season on DVD is that it is VERY hard, almost impossible to stop after just one episode. Add in the tricky way the director decided to cut the episode and three hours have passed before I realize I’ve been pulled in again.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

I have always really enjoyed this movie, so when I saw it pop up on Comedy Central, I had to watch it. Steve Martin and John Candy are wonderful together. I also was very intrigued by how stylish Steve Martin’s wardrobe is by today’s standards. with his tweed suits, fedoras and pop of color ties, he could time travel to 2012 and we wouldn’t know the difference.


Oh, Looper, what a terrible choice for a date night movie. Unless you or your special somebody is a sociopath, this is a terrible date night movie. Despite having the lovely Joseph Gordon-Levitt, this was not a good movie. We really should have seen Pitch Perfect.

Young Frankenstein

I believe Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder to be geniuses. This movie is always entertaining no matter how many times I watch it. The faux drama gets me every time.

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