What I’m Into | 1.2014

So cliche to say, but January has flown by. It’s been so cold and so fast. Because I’ve spent a lot of time inside, I’ve watched a lot of TV and browsed a lot of the internet.

Watched & Watching

My guilty pleasure this month has been Rob Dyrdek–Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness. It’s just so funny!

On Christmas day we took Claire to Frozen, and we all really enjoyed it.

The Bachelor! I’m not attracted to Juan-Pablo at all, but my husband and I have been really into watching this.

Saving for Later

Budget Travel put out their list of 10 best budget trips for 2014. I hope more travel finds its way onto our calendar this year. Maybe not these trips, but I can dream!

A very interesting perspective from Alyssa Rosenberg on how Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s Grammy performance is a good example of how marriage can be mutually beneficial.

Creativity is one of my two words for 2014. I’ll write about them later. I read this great piece at Elise Blaha’s blog about how she encourages inspiration.


This Jalopeno Popper Chicken Chili from Prevention RD was delicious. I definitely have to make it again.

Mine doesn’t look nearly as pretty, but I’ve made the skinnytaste Zucchini Lasagna twice and it’s been a hit!

Obsessed With

Whatever makes yard work easier is OK in my book.

I went on a mad Project Life pinning spree. I think these little guys from Jennifer Labre Designs are cute!

Crewel work! I was fortunate enough to put my name on some of my late Grandma’s pieces. They still haven’t been distributed yet, but I know exactly where they’ll go. This piece (not my Grandma’s work) is a really nice autumnal scene.

What were you into this month?

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