The Work-Life Balance Debate

Work-life balance has been a hot topic of debate lately, but a lot of the debate seems to be missing the point. A lot of the debate has focused on women having a flexible schedule and women being able to have a healthy work-life balance. But where are the men in this discussion?

Anne-Marie Slaughter, who really kicked off the recent focus on this debate with her controversial (but very interesting and correct) piece in The Atlantic, says it’s not all about women. At SXSW a few weeks ago, she said “that if we want better choices for women, we have to want better choices for men.” She also shared that she has received responses from men following her piece in the Atlantic; responses that indicated that men aren’t as concerned about the balance their wives have, but they are concerned about the balances their daughters will some day have. Irony, you’re alive and well in the debate over work-life balance.

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