Interesting Reads: 1.10.2014

in which I share links to things that caught my attention

Say No to the Standing O
By Tane S. Danger
From Minnesota Playlist

By giving everything a standing ovation, we diminish the act to near uselessnessAre we standing because we were actually so moved we couldn’t remain sitting, or because we’re hoping to shorten the time until we get out of the theater by a few seconds?

Some excellent points, but I’ll definitely stand at Claire’s spring dance recital!

What It Means to Be a Public Intellectual
By Ta-Nehisi Coates
From The Atlantic

These are Rumsfeld’s “unknown unknowns”—not simply a lack of answers, but an obliviousness to questions. The awareness of this is humbling and euphoricAt that moment one realizes that it isn’t the cool facts which wise you up, but the awareness of a yawning, limitless, impossible ignorance.

As usual, Coates has provided a well-reasoned commentary on contemporary racism.

When Misogynist Trolls Make Journalism Miserable for Women
By Connor Friedersdorf From The Atlantic

Conor Friedersdorf, a man, ponders how many women have been driven out of personal journalism (blogging) due to the preponderance of mysogynistic trolls. While I‘ve haven’t dealt with any trolls, I’ve definitely heard horror stories. The terrible, mysogynistic things that women on the internet have been told is appalling.

The Hidden Ecosystem Of The Walmart Parking Lot
By Adele Peters
From FastCo.Exist

When I was a teen, my family and I would frequently pull the camper into a Wal-Mart parking lot as we were on our way to our ultimate destination. I remember waking up one morning, struck by the general oddity of doing such an almost normal thing.

Interesting Reads | 11.3.2012

in which I share links to things that caught my attention

Campaign Edition

If you’re like me (and most of America), you’ll let out a deep sigh of relief when the election is over.

But it’s not over quite yet, so please enjoy this campaign edition of Interesting Reads.

Rape has been the topic du’jour for Republicans this election. The Atlantic assembled a great history of rape headlines in this election.

How binders full of women is a meme with meaning.

And, last but not least, Republicans are up in arms about Lena Dunham’s provocative pro-Obama ad.


Interesting Reads | 10.12.2012

in which I share links to things that caught my attention

In literary news, the National Book Foundation announced their “5 Under 35” Fiction for 2012 and the National Book Awards for 2012. US e-book trends and stats were analyzed.

The Atlantic reveals The Painful Truth About Affirmative Action.

Surprisingly, David Fincher is using Kickstarter to raise money for a movie project. This must be the Hollywood version of a best-selling author self pubbing their next book.