September Premier Reviews: Part I

With the turning of the month I wanted to share my thoughts on the fall premiers I’ve seen so far. I’ll share Part II next week.


As I mentioned here, I wasn’t impressed with the premier of Glee. The subsequent episodes have been better. I’m interested to see which direction they go.

Saturday Night Live

As much as I like host Seth MacFarlane this wasn’t a strong premier. With the loss of some key cast members, this will be an interesting season.


The story and setting are interesting. The writing and acting are not interesting or good. I’m still watching, though.

The Office

This was a good premier. Seeing Roy again was interesting, but the continuing story of Pam and Jim knowing everything about each other was cheesy. I don’t like the new customer service guys. In the last season, I just want resolution for the existing characters.

Parks and Recreation

Loved this political-star studded premier.

New Girl

The premier was delightful and cute, just like it should be.

The Mindy Project

The premier didn’t quite hit the right notes. It was funny and interesting, though, so I continued to watch it. By the second episode it seemed to have hit its stride.

See Part II of this post here.

Fall TV Shows I’m Looking Forward To

With cooler fall temperatures, fall leaves, football and pumpkins comes another thing I’m excited about: Fall TV Shows.

Here are the shows I’m looking forward to this fall:

Premier Date
The Voice
Mon, Sep 10th
Saturday Night Live
Sat, Sep 15th 10:30 NBC
Mon, Sep 17th
The Office
Thur, Sep 20th 8:00 NBC
Parks and Recreation
Thur, Sep 20th
How I Met Your Mother
Mon, Sep 24th 7:00 CBS
2 Broke Girls
Mon, Sep 24th
Modern Family
Wed, Sep 26th 8:00 ABC
Wed, Sep 26th
The Big Bang Theory
Thur, Sep 27th 7:00 CBS
The Good Wife
Sun, Sep 30th
Sun, Sep 30th 8:00 ABC
666 Park Avenue
Sun, Sep 30th
30 Rock
Thur, Oct 4th 7:00 NBC
American Horror Story
Wed, Oct 17th
Fri, Oct 19th 7:30 NBC

Seth MacFarlane will host the premier of Saturday Night Live with musical guest Frank Ocean.

I’m looking forward to watching new and new to me shows this fall. Revolution on NBC and 666 Park Avenue on ABC both look to be promising new shows this fall. I’ll watch at least one episode before deciding if it’s worth the time out of my life.

I didn’t watch American Horror Story last year, but after all the buzz about the first season, I’ve decided to give it a chance.

How I Met Your Mother has turned into a big tease, but I really need to know who the mother is! Speaking of teases, I’ve been waiting for the season premier of The Good Wife to find out what happens to Kalinda.

What shows are you looking forward to this fall?