Most Interesting Authors of 2013

As 2013 becomes just a faint memory, here are some authors who made 2013 more interesting for readers. They may be curmudgeons, partial recluses and potentially very confusing to us, but they’re our authors and we love them (most of them) anyway!

Jonathan Franzen

Most Interesting Authors of 2013 | Jonathan Franzen | The 1000th Voice blog

Image via Macmillan

Because, why not? Franzen made a splash reminding us all that he’s the resident literary curmudgeon with his dislike (and to some extent lack of understanding of) Twitter and social media in general. But, because he’s Franzen, this was literary news for months, giving those of us interested in books and members of “literary Twitter” something to talk about.

J.K. Rowling

Most Interesting Authors of 2013 | JK Rowling | The 1000th Voice blog

Image via JK Rowling’s Official Site

Of course, right? When Rowling was unmasked (unpenned?) as Robert Galbraith the author of unsuccessful detective novel The Cuckoo’s Calling we were all given yet another thing to talk about. And, quite possibly another reason to love Rowling, who wanted to try out something new and not rely on name recognition to sell the book. Recently, her lawyer was fined for breaking her confidentiality.

Meg Wolitzer

Most Interesting Literary Figures of 2013 | Meg Wolitzer | The 1000th Voice blog
(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Meg Wolitzer used her book tour for The Interestings as a platform to discuss the publishing industry’s alarming choices for the covers of all books written by women, regardless of topic. This was most famously covered in a Salon interview.

Jennifer Weiner

Most Interesting Literary Figures of 2013 | Jennifer Weiner | The 1000th Voice blogImage via the New Yorker

Obviously you know how I feel about Weiner’s escapades. While the New Yorker piece was published in January, Weiner made quite a splash throughout the entire year–most notably taking the New York Times Book Review to task for not featuring “chick lit” review.

What author did you find most interesting this year? Did I miss someone you think should be on the list? Let me know!