What I’m Into | 7.2014

While this post may not make it seem so, I’ve felt super busy this last month. Take a look at what’s been going on…

Read & Reading

Reading is a place I’ve excelled this month, finishing Zenith City: Stories from Duluth by Michael Fedo, The Uncoupling by Meg Wolitzer, Cartwheel by Jennifer duBois and Seating Arrangements by Maggie Shipstead. My favorite read this month by far was definitely Cartwheel!

Currently, I’m not exactly reading anything. I finished Zenith City at lunch. I have a number of books queued up at home, but I’m not sure yet which one I’ll grab.

Watched & Watching

While Claire was with her grandparents lat week, we watched a few of the movies that we can’t watch with her. Prior to that, I think I just watched a ton of kids movies.

World War Z….I haven’t read the book and honestly probably won’t. The movie freaked me out. I like to think of my zombies as slow moving and easy to outrun.

Chernobyl Diariesjust don’t.

Friends with Kids…loved it! Jennifer Westfeldt did a good job writing and directing.

We also very quickly finished True Blood’s sixth season. It’s so much fun to watch!

We recently watched The Lego Movie and Rio 2. Both were a lot of fun!

Saving for Later

Treehouse, house in the trees...It's all a little tomato/tomahto to me when it looks like this.

Treehouse, house in the treesvery tomato/tomahto when it looks like this! Bonus: it’s built from a recycled barn! I’m pretty sure I found a new blog to follow!


I have no concept lately of what cooking is.

Obsessed With

I'm so obsessed with succulents and succulent arrangements right now.

My Pinterest board for a party I’m helping plan is full of various succulent arrangements. I love how they mix with rustic or more glam items!

I'm in love with the concept of capsule wardrobes.

Two words: Capsule. Wardrobes. I’ve been obsessed for awhile. So simple to get ready every morning. Now I’m thinking about how I can make this happen in my own closet. My goal will be to create a capsule of basics and add in some pieces of color and pattern. I’ve been pinning quite a bit. My favorites are ones that show the items and all the outfit possibilities.

What were you into this month?

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8 thoughts on “What I’m Into | 7.2014

  1. I’ve been doing a little research (following blogs mostly) into capsule wardrobes too. Moving always gives me an antsy feeling and makes me want to get rid of everything and just start clean. I did some paring in prep for moving, but I am hoping to do even more as we settle in.


    • I would love to start completely fresh. I am, fortunately and unfortunately, a little too thrifty and cheap to do so. I adore the idea of having a more complimentary wardrobe, though, so working towards a capsule wardrobe over time is very appealing to me.


  2. Oh, I love succulents! Esp in that gorgeous wooden bowl! And that treehouse, oh my. I want to live there. Except that I have a 2 yr old and a 1 yr old and would be constantly freaking out about them, haha. 😀


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