What I’m Into | 2.2014

Please just assume I’ve written a cliche about being tired of the cold weather here. It was actually a witty take on the cliche, though.

Watched & Watching

As a person, I greatly dislike Tom Cruise, and this had frequently impacted my thoughts of his movies before even watching them. But my husband doesn’t pay attention to celebrity gossip, so he’s added a number of Tom Cruises movies to our queue. I begrudgingly agree to watch them, and then realize I’m totally pulled in. Most recently this happened to me with Oblivion.

Like most households, we’ve watched a lot of Olympics coverage this month. Claire comes home from pre-school and asks if we can watch. Thanks to watching Cool Runnings with her a week before the Olympics started, she’s a bobled fan, and in particular a Jamaican bobsled fan!

CSI returned last week. After how many seasons, I’m still interested in watching the show that launched the entire franchise. Some storylines and crimes are beyond cheesy, but I find the show as a whole very entertaining.

Saving for Later

Jessica & Scott's East Coast Nest House Tour from Apartment Therapy

I adore this house tour from Apartment Therapy.

Alice Walker on Creativity from Brain Pickings. Alice Walker. Creativity. Brain Pickings. You can’t go wrong with that combo.

An overabundance of opinions: the case for climbing down from the social media soapbox. Amazing. Must read. Please go there now!


Three words: Homemade Zuppa Toscana! Yes, if you’re a fan of the Olive Garden staple soup, then you’ll love this recipe. My husband requested that it become a regular meal. It does take about an hour of prep, which isn’t easy on a weeknight by the time I get home from work, but I might attempt to freeze some of the next batch.

Obsessed With

Can I say I’m obsessed with reading books and not reviewing them? No? OK, well then please expect the last two books I read for black history month to be reviewed in March.

What were you into this month?

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