I’m a Writer!

I often comment–to myself, to people around me even if they’re not listening–on celebrities who seem to lack awareness–self and otherwise. Gwyneth Paltrow in all her goopiness and Kanye West in all his Kanye Westness are the biggest offenders, IMO. But, now, I have to admit, I only recently became aware of something–I’m a working writer. Like, for a living. Kind of…

I’ve always thought my version of being a writer meant fiction, or rather my dream was to write fiction. I’m still dreaming of that, but I realized writing for a living comes in many forms. And for me right now, that means working professionally 9 to 5 in marketing. Maybe it’s not just for right now. Maybe it’s going to be the one career of my life. That’s OK. I really enjoy it.

I spend roughtly 75% of my job writing and editing, including internal articles, blog posts and tweets. The challenges of writing for business to business are far different than writing fiction. But, writing really is writing. Any writing is beneficial practice.

Is there something that took you a long time to realize about yourself?

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