Weekly Reads | 9.16.2013

in which I share my planned reading for the week ahead

Have I mentioned before that I’m a slow reader? It’s definitely true with classics. The speech and writing patterns take me a bit longer than contemporary fiction to understand. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it. I absolutely enjoy reading classics and gaining a deeper understanding of the lives and thoughts of the time. That’s especially true with Dracula by Bram Stoker. In our current vampire-obsessed culture, it’s been great going back and reading the early years of vampire literature as we know it in its modern form.

On a more exciting note than the fact that I’m still reading the same book, I hit up my local Friends of the Library book sale this weekend. And I’m pretty sure I scored big.

Friends of the Library Score | The 1000th Voice blog

On top is The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen. Yes, you read that right. After Franzen revealed himself to be more of prick than people thought, I went out and bought his book. But the money went to a good cause (i.e. not Franzen’s pocket).  But I left the best for last here. The Lady and the Tycoona collection of the letters between Rose Wilder Lane and Jasper Crane. I am so excited to start digging through this!

Friends of the Library Score | The 1000th Voice blog

She Stoops to Conquer is a play by Oliver Goldsmith. The real winner here is that amazing cover.

Friends of the Library Score | The 1000th Voice blog

Finally, A Shakespeare Anthology is a nice little collection of pieces from Shakespeare’s many works.

I’m pretty sure I had a good day at the book sale, except that one of these cost $20 (and it wasn’t the Franzen).

What are you reading this week? What’s the best book you’ve ever scored at a garage sale, thrift store, Friends of the Library sale or really any other discount place?

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