Pa Knows Best




Over the course of eight books, Pa shares plenty of advice and wisdom with his family, but mostly Laura. The well-intentioned advice not only taught Laura, but has taught thousands (millions?) of young readers about how to be a good, reliable person. Pa began the series sharing his advice in the form of story, but he looked to the brevity of platitudes to help him teach his girls when time was short and he was tired from tons of work.

Here, in one image, I’ve gathered my favorite advice. The advice that I think truly encapsulates the message of the books.

Pa Knows Best | #LauraIngallsWilder | The 1000th Voice Blog


Click on the image if you, ya know, actually want to see it!

What was your favorite advice from Pa? 

2 thoughts on “Pa Knows Best

  1. Poor Pa lol he never gave up did he! In reality you can imagine there must have been times when he felt completely beaten by life but he kept on going and was a survivor.

    Reading the books as a child a lot of the information in the stories went over my head – when I re read them as an adult I was actually shocked at the harshness of the life the Ingalls lead – as an adult having to provide for my own family I could relate to the ups and downs and struggles that they went through

    The thing I love about the whole story though is the simple little things that make them all happy – Pas enthusiasms and appreciation for life really rubs off on you

    Many good lessons and wise words can be taken from the books – my fave saying is actually one of Ma’s and I often have to say it to myself!

    If wisdoms words you wisely seek
    These things you must observe
    To whom you speak, of whom you speak and how and when and where

    I think that’s right!


    • There’s one point in On the Banks of Plum Creek after the swarm of grasshoppers ruined the crop that Pa was actually shown being completely beat down from life, but it didn’t last long.

      These books are definitely a great reminder of how important the small things are (and how unimportant the rest is)!

      My personal fave is “All’s well that ends well” because it was really the motto of the Ingalls family.


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