Poetry Friday: #LauraIngallsWilder Style

Poetry Friday: #LauraIngallsWilder Style| a little (or a lot) about Laura | Laura Ingalls Wilder | The 1000th Voice blog

Of all the things that she was, did you know Laura was also a poet? She didn’t write about it in the Little House book, but Laura began writing down her thoughts in verse from an early age.

Oh read me a story and let me forget
This brain racking worry, this wearying fret
Read me of when the har was still strung
When at my Lord’s coming the joy bells were rung;
When all hearts were merry and the world was still young
When honor was common and knavery rare
The men were all gallant, the women all fair;
And when the sweetest sad music was heard in the air
Sailors knew that mermaidens were combing their hair.
So come read the tale, dear, and let us forget
This present day hurry and struggle and fret.
as published in William Anderson’s  A Little House Reader

Doesn’t losing oneself in a good book sound wonderful? We know that the Ingalls and Wilder families entertained themselves in the winter evenings with music and reading. Without the radio to entertain as families did in the 50s and the TV of today, the family actually had to entertain each other!

You can read more of Laura’s poems in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Fairy Poems. What do you think about Laura’s poem? 

2 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: #LauraIngallsWilder Style

    • She wrote so many poems. It’s just crazy. The amount that I didn’t know about Laura before starting my little quest could have filled dozens of Pa’s carefully dug wells. I can’t wait to pick up her Fairy Poems book.


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