Weekly Reads: 7.8.2013

in which I share my planned reading for the week ahead

I‘ve had a sick little one the last five days, so I’ve spent a lot of time snuggling and watching My Little Ponies. All that means I haven’t had much time to read; it’s especially hard to read a book about the plague with a sick kiddo. It just makes me too anxious. BUT, I’m really enjoying the book when I get a few minutes to read it. Based on plans this week, I’ll still be reading

Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks | Weekly Reads at The 1000th Voice

Year of Wonders
By Geraldine Brooks 

I’m heading to the Little Town on the Prairie this weekend for a family reunion, so I’ll probably only get time in the car to read. If I finish Year of Wonders, I’ll start on The Story Factor: Inspiration, Influence, and Persuasion through the Art of Storytelling by Annette Simmons.

I‘m also still listening to Let’s Pretend This Never Happened By Jenny LawsonI haven’t been able to listen to it since last Tuesday, so I’m really anxious to finish it this week on my drive to work.

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What are you reading this week?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Reads: 7.8.2013

  1. Sorry that your little one has been sick 😦 I hope the poor kidlet feels better soon!

    Hope you end up really liking Year of Wonders. I thought it was a good read 🙂


  2. Oh man! Talk about not wanting your life to resemble your reading material!
    I hope your little one is back to 100% soon and you find lots of time to read this week!


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