Brief Book Discussion: 1-2-3 Magic

1-2-3 Magic
By Thomas W. Phelan

Claire is, to put it mildly, very spirited. Girl is full of sass and vinegar, which isn’t a surprise because she’s just like me. Knowing that, I can anticipate that my hands will be full with her.

1-2-3 Magic_Powerful

When I reread my notes from this book last night, I paused and read this quote several times. It was so powerful, and the more I read it, the deeper it sank into my head. I read it to Nick, paused and said, “It makes a lot of sense with Claire’s behavior. Doesn’t it?” We both nodded as we realized we need to learn to maintain our calm when she’s pushing us.

This is definitely a good read. If you have a toddler, check it out!

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