Fall TV Reviews

The fall portion of this year’s TV season wrapped up in the weeks leading up to Christmas, so I wanted to take some time to review the entire fall season. You can read my reviews of the premiers here and here.



The New Girl


This season of Glee has been pretty weak. Ryan Murphy must have realized that getting rid of the original cast would have been the death of this show because without Kurt and Rachel’s New York story line, this show would be canceled. The new cast members are just not that good, and the story lines are always missing the clever or insightful points they’ve had in the past.

The New Girl

The New Girl has been good so far this season. I like where the story lines are going. I don’t really have anything to complain about.

The Mindy Project

While I was sad about the turn the show took in the Christmas episode, overall I’ve been very pleased with this show. My sadness, though, says more about me than it does about the show. I admit that I’m a huge romantic sap, so anything that threatens that, even though being better for the show in the long run, will make me sad.


TV_Parks and Rec

Parks and Recreation

Saturday Night Live

The highlight of the season so far has been Louis C.K. as host. The other hosts have been promising, but they have fallen short. One or two sketches might be good, but the bad in the episodes definitely outweighed the good. Joseph Gordon Levitt, Daniel Craig and Jamie Foxx were all pretty good.


Oh, this show is so terrible. The acting and writing are just bad. The story line is interesting, so Nick and I have continued to watch it.

The Office

The final season of The Office has been really entertaining. I am disappointed in the new cast members. They aren’t bad; I’d just prefer to have all of the remaining characters’ story lines finished up without the distraction of new characters and their story lines.

Parks and Recreation

I adore P & R. My favorite episodes so far this season were Halloween Surprise and Ben’s Parents. They were both funny and warm and made me feel happy.

30 Rock

This is the final season of 30 Rock, and it’s been pretty entertaining. I’m going to miss Liz Lemon at the end of this season.




Modern Family

This has proven to be another strong season. The show will probably receive a lot of Golden Globe nominations again next year.


I love this show so much. I’m, of course, curious where things are going to go with Emily’s revenge plot, and I want her to stay together with Aiden, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.


TV_The good wife

The Good Wife

The Big Bang Theory

I have mixed feelings about this show. I feel like the Leonard and Penny relationship has pretty much run its course, which I do find annoying. However, the rest of the show is still killing it.

How I Met Your Mother

The fall finale seemed to be back to what this show used to be, but for the mostĀ part, this season and last have just been filler to get us to the episode when Ted meets his future wife/mother of his children. The filler episodes have not been very good and are not doing anything to help the perception of this show.

The Good Wife

The Good Wife is like fine wine: it’s better with age. OK that age is only, what, like four-years-old? This show has continued to get better episode after episode. I’m so excited to find out where it continues to go.

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