What I’ve Watched: Summer TV Edition

It’s been a busy summer, but I’ve still been able to watch a few good shows.

Royal Pains (USA)

I love the decadence, plus Mark Feuerstein and Paulo Costanzo are adorable and Reshma Shetty’s accent is to die for.

Flip Men (Spike)

House flipping shows have always fascinated me and Mike and Doug have great taste. Now, if they’d just burn down the nasty houses and start over, I’d be thrilled.

Bar Rescue (Spike)

I got to love the intensity of Jon Taffer. The newly concocted drinks also sound delicious.

Ancient Aliens (History)

What’s not to love about alien conspiracy theories and a mysteriously growing man’s coif? I’m a bit behind on the DVR, but I’ll catch up.

Veronica Mars (SOAP)

Although I watched the complete series while on maternity leave two years ago, I can’t miss it when I see this bad ass on the guide.

P.S. I think Conspiracy Theory Keanu is right.

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