Book Review: The Night Circus

By Erin Morgenstern

This richly imaginative fable is full of beautiful language and sumptuous settings. The circus of Morgenstern’s imagination is very graphic and very elegant. The characters are richly imaginative, the magic unusual.

The well-crafted story of Le Cirque des Reves is told in vignettes that follow the characters through many years. As the story switches from character to character, it was easy to forget how each person fit into the puzzle, partly because the connections weren’t all revealed in the beginning. For a time I thought there were too many characters, but in the middle of the book, when all the characters had been introduced, it became more clear who each character was. I still believe the story would have benefitted from at least two less characters.

This book was such a treat, and I hope the movie is no less a feast for the eyes. I highly recommend this book.

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