The Time My Heart Swelled with Pride

Design Mom Gabrielle Blair posed an interesting question on her blog today. She asked what was the sweetest thing I’ve ever done for a stranger.

What immediately came to mind wasn’t something I’d done, but something I saw my husband do.

In May 2009, we stood waiting in line at the Las Vegas Stratosphere McDonald’s* as a disheveled man dug through a small pile of coins looking for the change he needed to pay for his meal. It became quickly obvious that he didn’t have enough money, and a palpable tension emerged in the room. I quietly watched my husband reach into his wallet and discreetly slip a $10 bill to the man.

With that seemingly little action, I felt an enormous wave of love for Nick and pride that he was mine.

There have been many moments since then when I’ve been able to witness Nick doing something equally sweet for someone, but this will always stand out to me because it was one of the first.

*I know what you’re thinking. With all the wonderful food in Las Vegas, we chose McDonald’s! I wanted an iced coffee. Shut up!

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