Book Review: SPOOK

By Mary Roach

This is the second book I’ve read by Mary Roach. My first foray into her writing was almost two years ago when I read Stiff. I thoroughly enjoyed Stiff, and I was excited to go on another research excursion with Roach. An excursion is really what these two books were right down to Roach traveling to various locations for work.

This book was not a disappointment at all. Roach applied her branch of research to science’s quest for answers regarding the afterlife, and I thoroughly enjoyed being along for the ride.

The book covers everything from reincarnations in India to how much a soul weights and séances and ectoplasm to medium research. AND (all caps are necessary to indicate my high level of excitement) she got to meet the real Allison DuBois! If you don’t know who this is, then I probably don’t like you but here’s a clue:

Allison DuBois with Allison Dubois

Roach is also funny. I’m not sure how she manages it when writing about science. It’s a miracle, I tell ya!

I highly recommend this book and Stiff (if you can stomach cadaver talk).

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