Oscar Fashion Picks

I don’t usually watch awards shows start to finish. They tend to be dry, corny or, even worse, both. I did watch part of the Oscars including the Cirque du Soleil performance, which Nick and I loved.

The only other thing that makes the shows less dry is the amazing (and sometimes questionable) fashion. I was both surprised and underwhelmed by the fashion this year. I dislike all of the nude dresses. They remind me of the tacky illusion costumes figure skaters have worn forever. If Kristen Wiig and Cameron Diaz had worn the same dresses but in color, I would have loved them. The cuts of both dresses were so perfect for each woman, but the color did nothing for them.

But, how about some good fashion? Here are the looks I loved:

Ethereal, Quirky & Bright: Michelle Williams

Elegant, Soft & Bright: Emma Stone
Gorgeous, Earthy & Sparkly: Ellie Kemper

Bright, Flowy & Sheer: Claire Danes
Simple, Flattering & Sparkly: Octavia Spencer
Perfectly Tailored: Pharrell Williams
Great Color & Tailoring: Zachary Quinto

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