Sometimes I Just Give Up


One of the reasons I rarely read bad books is that I don’t finish them if I don’t like them. I’ve always had a 20 page test. If I’m not at least a bit interested after 20 pages or I can’t convince myselft to continue, then I just stop reading. I made it to about page 12 in this book, and that took me several days.

The premise of the book really caught my eye. As a reader, I’ve definitely cared about certain characters more than others. I was hoping to learn why I often care about them, but I just couldn’t get into the book. It wasn’t engaging because it was written for a scholarly audience. Not that I don’t consider myself smart, but I really don’t have the time and focus necessary to read something like this nowadays.

So, sometimes I just give up, and I’m OK with that because it means I get to read one more great book in my lifetime!

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