Did Rihanna Deserve It?

Yes, I’m going there.

Since the Grammy awards aired February 12th, there has been a lot of speculation about Rihanna getting back together with Chris Brown. Some have questioned her motives and her self esteem, but others have been downright nasty. Apparently, Rihanna deserved it because she sings about violence and S&M. And, as we all know, liking it rough in the bedroom means you deserve to be repeatedly punched in the face for any infraction outside the bedroom.

Here’s where I stand: Even if Rihanna likes it rough, even if she hit Chris first, there was no reason for him to beat the shit out of her. There’s never a reason for the one-sided beating Rihanna received. Does Rihanna owe Chris anything? No, in fact, he hasn’t received and probably never will receive the punishment he deserved in the first place.

And the answer to this posts title is a resounding “NO.”

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