October Accomplishments

October has been a busy month, but not so with the blog or organizing projects.

During this month:

  • I’ve had the opportunity to spend two nights and three days in the most expensive “hotel” I’ve ever been to–the hospital. The food sucked and the bed was lumpy.
  • On a much more exciting note, Nick and I celebrated our third anniversary on the Mayan Riviera at the same resort where we honeymooned.
  • Nick, Claire and I spend two weekends visiting my parents. Nick got to hunt, Claire got to play with Grandma and I got a little work done.
  • I’ve worked on (but not finished) several organizing projects around the house. Planning the space, searching for the right materials and finding the time to do the work is a little difficult.
  • I made a Christmas gift and project list. I’ll share some of that on Monday in a post about planning for the holidays.

This month has been stressful and expensive, so I plan to spend November being mindful of everything I’m thankful for. (That and doing a lot of organizing!)

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