The Well-Organized Family Room

On Monday I shared my dirty little secret, which wasn’t scandalous at all but something I’m a bit embarrassed about. The most commonly used room in the basement that Nick and I are anxiously waiting to use again is our family room. Because we’ll need to reorganize Claire’s toys when we move back downstairs, I’ve been researching organized family rooms on Pinterest. Here are my favorites:

Our family room already has a built-in entertainment center and bar that will really help us organize everything. Because the storage is built in and lined on one wall, this room looks so calm.
I love the built ins surrounding the fireplace. It really brings purpose to the fireplace and TV, while it provides storage and minimizes the impact of the TV. This is an ideal solution when a TV has to be above a fireplace, but based on the height of the fireplace, this isn’t an ideal place for the TV if one has options. It seems as if TV watchers would have kinks in their necks. The combination of open shelving and closed cabinets and drawers make the side functional and beautiful.
This built-in window seat would be the perfect addition to a family room that could use a bit more seating and storage and a lot more personality.
We don’t plan to add or upgrade our family room, but it’s always fun looking at inspiration for my dream family room. 

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