Reimagining Rooms

I’m really into people reimagining a traditional or common layout and adjusting it to suit their own needs. This isn’t remodeling; it’s deciding if a room’s intended use is appropriate for you or not.

Let’s face it, most homes being built today are pretty generic, and they usually have a standard layout. There’s no reason that we have to use a room a specific way because that’s how it was built, or for that matter, why decorate a room that you won’t use?

(Hello, formal dining rooms, I’m talking to you!)

One great, and probably very recognizable example is Young House Love’s use of a dining room as an office and the formal living room as a dining room. An unused formal dining room could also turn into a great and handy playroom.

I really like this idea because it shows how people are breaking away from traditions that dictate how we should use our own things. These people are making the home their own. While I do think of myself as pretty traditional, my home needs to suit my needs, not the needs of the person who designed it!

Have you reimagined a room? What did you do?

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