Why it Pays to Not Get Behind

The title sounds a little scary, but this isn’t too scary, I promise. It would be a whole lot scarier if I showed you my to-do list or, worse, my house. As I mentioned last week, the end of September and beginning of October were busy in planned an unplanned ways. Because I spent an unplanned week sick and unable to clean much, my house became more than a little messy. Once I’d gotten out of the hospital, I had two nights after work to pack for vacation. Then, Nick and I got sick last Friday and had to rest most of the weekend.

I was already behind on projects I wanted to finish or start at the end of September, including my hall closet, pantry and Claire’s Halloween costume. Now, I’ll have to work double time to get caught back up and start some big and necessary projects, all with Christmas right around the corner and presents to buy or make. The obvious conclusion I’ve made is that if I hadn’t been behind when I got sick at the end of September, it wouldn’t be quite as bad right now.

So the lesson I’ve learned is to not procrastinate on cleaning, organizing or other projects I want to do. I need to make the time to finish the things I need to. Tonight I need to do the laundry and sew the top and bottom seam on Claire’s poodle skirt for Halloween. I should also be able to trace and cut out the poodle decal. Tomorrow we have a play date and dinner with friends, so I won’t be able to get anything extra done. But Wednesday, it’s on, again! I’ll finish her costume and laundry. Thursday night I’ll begin to plan my projects for the upcoming holidays. The weekend will be spent at my parent’s house. One good part about that, besides spending time with my parents, is that we’re already packed because we planned to visit last weekend before getting too sick!

I hope everyone has a productive week. I’ll be back on Wednesday and Friday with more posts.

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