Returning to Normal after Vacation

Vacations are one of my favorite things; until we get home to unpack and attempt to settle into our routine. It ruins the relaxed, calm feeling I get from being away from my everyday.

 Ahh, the beach on vacation. 
Is there anything better?

Nick, Claire and I recently returned from a week long vacation. It was relaxing but still very tiring. (Visiting non-toddler-proofed homes makes me so thankful for gates on stairs and locks on cabinets!)

Although Nick enjoys vacations, he always stresses about the projects waiting for us when we get home. This vacation was no different, so we’ve decided our basement family room needs to be put back together before going on our anniversary trip. This will help us transition back to normal, but it won’t solve everything.

Other ways we’ll make the transition easier include:

  • Don’t over pack. Over packing makes more unpacking work. 
  • Separate dirty from clean laundry when packing to come home. Take your dirty laundry directly to the washing machine when you return. Better yet, if you can, wash some of your clothing while on vacation before your pile builds up. 
  • Plan to have a free day upon your return to unpack, wash laundry, grocery shop and unwind (hopefully!). 

 Do you have any other strategies to continue the relaxed feeling post vacation? 

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