Moving On

The decision to move wasn’t an easy one to make. Sure, there are really good reasons for us to move–family, quality of life, career prospects, and more–but moving our family required more consideration than that. It required that we consider the advantages and disadvantages of moving our daughter.

Even though she’ll be under two when we move, I believe it’s important to consider the impact this move will have upon her. I know that leaving her daycare, home and family will be difficult, but here’s how I’ve considered each of those:

  1. Daycare- Claire loves her daycare and her provider. I’m even going to be sad when we have to say goodbye, but Claire is very outgoing and adjusts to new things well. I think she’ll enjoy making new friends. 
  2. Home- Claire really won’t remember this home. I don’t feel sad about leaving it even thought it’s the home we brought her home to. I may tear up a little as we leave, but I don’t think Claire will really know the difference. To help her adjust to her new space, her room will be the last packed and loaded onto the truck and the first unloaded and unpacked when we arrive. 
  3. Family- We are taking her away from Nick’s family here, but we don’t have a solid relationship with them. In fact, my older brother who lives nine hours away has seen Claire about as much as my in laws who live 15 minutes away. (As a side note, after having a child I realized I couldn’t live somewhere without family, so that’s played into our decision.)

So, there are a few of my thoughts on moving.

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