Why, hello there, blog!

After just a little time away from the blog, I’ve decided to come back regularly. I didn’t really have a plan when I first started this blog at the end of December. It just seemed like the thing to do, so I did it. I’ve realized, though, that if I’m going to do something, I want to do it well.  I’m busy enough as it is, and I need to continuously redefine my priorities and goals to determine if I’m doing what I need to reach my goals and that I’m spending time doing what I enjoy. 

So, what are my goals for this little blog? My first and main reason for writing this blog is to just write. I’ve always loved writing, but don’t spend any time besides work doing it. The only way to become a better writer is to write. That seems obvious, but it’s something I haven’t really done. My second goal is to get a better grasp on the concepts of social media and using them for promotion. As a 20-something-year-old marketer, this is something I really need to understand better than I do. I can’t think of a better way than to write a blog and use other social media to promote it.

So, you can expect to see me around here two to three times a week sharing decorating, organizing, cooking, cleaning and family stories. Until I can find my niche, I plan to be a general lifestyle blogger.

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